Solar Hydronics

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Welcome to the future


Solar Hydronics.



Solar Hydronics is the future in domestic hot water and Hydronic heating systems.  There is no dedicated system on today’s market that does not require a backup boost.  This is what lead us to design and develop a Zero emissions – Hydronic heating and Domestic hot hot water system.  We have just pasted another winter season where we do our best work in maintaining enough temperature for both heating and hot water supply when the Sun does not appear for days on end.  At present we combine our knowledge to incorporate Solar into all of our custom designs and also into the standard off the shelf products currently available on the market.  Having this incorporated into your system, you join our customers and benefit from the massive savings in the many years to come.  The Zero Emissions or (Staub system) is in its final year of testing to ensure its “consumer friendly” before we reveal this super efficient system to the public. My passion has always been to develop a duel heating and hot water system that uses – No Electricity,  No Gas and if you have tank water you get free water supply too.

I first got the passion for solar hot water panels when i came across the Solar hart roof mounted thermosyphon black chrome II. I was to disconnect and remove this unit once i had installed a new Sanden Heat pump to replace the electric boost element from the existing solar system that was apparently costing thousands of dollars to run each quater, and the Government was giving out generous rebates that were to good to refuse. Once it was time to switch the systems over and disconnect the solar on the roof  i couldn’t help myself but to investigate this large contraption on the roof that was apparently supposed to save you money, not cost thousands of dollars to run each quater.

What i discovered was quite amazing.  This solar hart system does not require a pump but the thermosyphon action of the less dense water (hot) is rising up from the panels to the heat ex-changer and heating the domestic water inside.  As the two liquids are ex-changing heat the more dense water (cold) is getting forced  back down (like a brick sinking) to the panels to repeats the process all over again. I was looking at this system thinking why doesn’t everybody have one of these because it’s free energy from the sun and from mother nature herself, The best thing about thermosyphon is that it is self regulating i found out later in my journey.

Something special that you must see ( Kids don’t try this at home) click on the link below.