Baxi Luna 3 Boiler

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Baxi luna 3 boiler

Baxi Luna 3 hydronic boiler


baxi boiler by hydronic heating eltham





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-Fully digital, removable control panel with LCD display allows easy adjustment of heating and domestic hot water

-Electronic flame modulation

-Electronic ignition

-Regulation of water temperature in heating circuit 30/80 deg cel

-Pump run on timer

-Pressure gauge to check system pressure

-Flow meter with turbines for a perfect modulation of domestic hot water temperature

-Pre-heat function on domestic hot water maintains desired temperatures automatically for 60 minutes after last demand

-Automatic by-pass

-Stainless steel burner plate

-Circulating pump with built in air vent

-Radio interference filtering

-Anti frost device on heating circuit

-Outdoor compensation optional systems

-Stainless steel DHW heat exchanger  310 fi

-Electronic 3 way diverter valve for Domestic hot water changeover

-Easy connection with solar boosted domestic hot water systems

Baxi boilers supplied and installed by Hydronic heating Eltham, from our experience they are user friendly, safe and reliable including great value for money. Ask us about our extended two year warranty for all of our Baxi boiler installations.

Baxi Luna 3 Boilers

LUNA 3-310 FON  – Natural Gas – Outdoor/Combi – 310 FI /31 KW  BUY NOW

LUNA 3-24 FON  – Natural Gas – Outdoor – 1.240 FI /25 KW  BUY NOW

LUNA 3-31 FON  – Natural Gas – Outdoor – 1.310 FI /31 KW  BUY NOW