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 About us – hydronic heating Eltham.

About us, Hydronic heating Eltham is proudly owned and run by Staub Plumbing.  We are based in Eltham but travel across Victoria if required to Design, Supply and install our hydronic heating systems.  Our Designs are the most cost effective and efficient systems on the market today.  Choose between Solar,  Electric Heat Pump,  Wood fired boiler or one of our natural / LPG  Gas systems including customized combination systems to suit your needs.  We are passionate about providing green power from the sun to all of our heating and hot water systems were possible to benefit our customers with the savings in the years to come.  Generating hot water from the sun can certainly provide enough energy to heat your home and hot water needs all year round.  Environmentally friendly systems that are safe for the whole family and importantly very efficient and simple to operate. So join us in leading the way to get Melbourne’s CBD to go GREEN and get off the grid like so many of  Victoria’s residents have already done, and say goodbye to those quarterly bills we all dread.



 We are currently building a Online Shop where you can purchase solar and Hydronic goods at competitive prices.  If you would like our products Installed by a professional Licensed Plumber then simply contact us for a quote or book a site inspection via the contact us link below.  If there is any particular items you are looking for and can’t find them yet on our online store then please feel free to give us a call.  There is still some Amazing Government Rebates still available so you could potentially save $1100 on a solar system installation.

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