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The micro-adjustable angle valve (with thermostatic option) T 431C and the angle lock shield valve T 29C have been designed with particular attention to the aesthetic aspects of the products. The smooth shape of the designs, added to the mirror finish chromium plating, lead to a product which is functional and attractive. They are mainly used in heating systems for the control of towel-dryers and where a particularly attractive valve is required and standard components do not meet the aesthetic requirements. In standard valves the most important aspects are the function combined with the ability to produce them in large numbers. The T 431C is far more highly finished than standard components and in order to obtain this superior level of finish, the parts are individually polished and chromium plated on special jigs to avoid accidental contact which might damage the surface. During final assembly the valves are protected to keep all the components clean and the assembly of the valves is carried out with the greatest care in order to avoid scratching and other surface damage. The attention paid to aesthetics does not detract from the valve performance which uses recently developed technology. The T431C valve has a bonnet with a one piece stainless steel spindle with the capability for micrometric pre-adjustment. Thermostatic control is also possible using the thermostatic control heads. The chromium plated hand-wheel is protected against damage and dirt during installation, after which the protection may be removed. The valve and the lock shield valve are both available with copper tube adaptors.

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