Off the Grid

What type of system should you get for your heating and hot water needs when your looking to get off the GRID.

Solar Hydronics and Domestic Hot Water, these are two everyday luxuries for your average family home.  I’ve spent the past three years trying to work out how this can be done without power and without Gas.  The first solution would be a Wood fired boiler,  the fuels cheap or free and it gets really hot when you want it to be hot so its the perfect set up.  BUT,  if you don’t like chopping wood or if you cant get any wood then a Solar Hot Water and Heating System would be the second best solution in my opinion. We design and Install Zero Emissions Systems that in a nut shell work off a very small amount of power from your bank of batteries to run a few small 12v circulating water pumps.  Plenty of (Turtle) High Efficiency Solar water Collectors in various strategic locations and positions but yet aesthetically pleasing.  Some storage for the hot water you collect and last of all a heat exchanger device and some radiators, floor coil or convectors.  Another options is for heat pumps if you have enough power to spare that is.  There is dozens of small details to fill in all the gaps and answer all your questions you might have but i wont bore you with them now, if your serious about getting off the grid then give us a call to discuss your design or to answer any questions you might hydronic pic

A good example of  two collectors